I do love fashion and trendy collections, however, when it comes to my own personal styling, things might get a bit quirky. Here are three facts of my styling philosophy I want to share with you that most describes who I am and my fashion attitudes.



First of all, I don’t follow the hottest trend closely.

When I see some certain fashion items are so popular at the moment that every one buys and wears, I suddenly feel that I don’t want them anymore and I try to avoid buying those items. For example, this season the hottest items I avoided are tartan design blazer, the fluffy mules and the bamboo and straw handbag. The most important reason is that I like to minimise the chance of having same item as many other people, also I believe that not because the collections are popular, they will be suitable for me, I need outfits that fit me and my soul.



Secondly, I like to re-use my wardrobe.

As you can see, I wear many of my collections repeatedly in my previous blog posts, and each time they helped me formed a completely different style. I don’t believe that fashion is wearing a different outfit everyday and shopping everyday, that is not sustainable. I own this blazer for over 6 years, and I still think it is the best blazer in my outer wear collections. Today I styled it as the only top with a layered skirt and a pair of boots, which is totally different from how I used to wear it. I would like to think that clothes have souls, the more I wear them the more I connect with them and the more their souls are kept alive.



Thirdly, I embraces dynamics and diversity.

I hardly believed that I should set a particular theme for my fashion blog or my Instagram profile, so that I will likely be categorised in a certain market, such as minimalist, corporate style, resort style, or luxury style. The thing is that I not only am obsessed with black and white, but also am passionate about colors at the same time, I am a professional office lady, yet I also love traveling and exploring the world. I love music, art, and quality lifestyle, I constantly inspired by graffitis, hip-hop, street style, art, 80’s, beach, extremely minimal and extremely colourful images. So in terms of my personal style, I really love to use different approaches. Honestly, I have expensive designer items, but I also love affordable brands or even very low price-ranged brands. Sometimes I dress like a hip-hop dancer, sometimes I dress professional like a CEO, I basically just follow my feelings and the occasions. Living in a massively diverse society, and having a lot of inner dynamics, I have more than one roles in my life and that are hard to be completed by only dress in one type of style.



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Gucci Wool and silk blazer • Gucci • A$2,715
Claudie Pierlot Style crepe midi skirt • Claudie Pierlot • A$131
Furla striped mini Metropolis bag • Furla • A$392


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That bag!!! Such a statement piece! I love it!!

XO, Jessi


I’m loving this look, doll- what a cool structural outfit.



Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂 I love this look and I like your style philosophy!

Camille xo



Love your outfit dear and the tips you stated here.
Much Love,
Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic


Fabulous outfit!
Have a nice day!
Gil Zetbase


Loving this look and your photography skill is amazing, dear! Love the bag!

xo Tina
IG: @tinasweetheart


I love your unique and cool style! Re-wearing items is also huge in my book!



Trends can definitely be quite limiting when it comes to style expression, I can relate to re-using my wardrobe sometimes we forget pieces we invested in that are still classics. Love your white blazer, such a statement piece to your oufit. Its perfect – x

Lavinya Royes – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


Love the look; my fave is the bag!

Sheena | http://www.sheenalovessunsets.com


I love this graphic black and white outfit.
I try to re-use my wardrobe too – I try to buy quality pieces that I can wear again and again no matter the year and season.
Layering is key too I think.
Set to Glow


I love your OOTD, you look so amazing! The photos is so nice.

April of: https://thepromdichic.wordpress.com/


Amazing look.Love this style.



I am all for reusing my wardrobe! YAY

xx Lisa | lisaautumn.com


Your styling philosophy is quite similar to how I think of my style. I definitely agree with wearing my clothes more than once + mixing and matching it with other pieces. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


Love love love this black and white look!!

X Merel


So damn trendy! Wishing you a great day! xx



Such a great read and points my dear! I can’t agree with you more! I feel the same way about everything you mentioned here and thought something is wrong with me, but I really don’t want to follow trends so closely. Of course I don’t when it’s something that doesn’t suit my style anyway, but even if it doesn’t, I really don’t like it when I see it everywhere else. I also like to repurpose my wardrobe!
I love this black and white look of yours of course! It’s so “you” and I would wear it in a heartbeat!
Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


Love reading about your style philosophy. This look is edgy.

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