A lot of people say to me that I look way younger than my real age, I am flattered and happy at the same time. Yes, I am 31, I was wondering where I have been all this time, I should have started my blog 10 years ago. To all the young bloggers out there, I just want to say you are so amazing and you are so blessed to decide blogging from a young age, good things are on the way. So today I am going to share 5 top simplest ways to look younger. Please comment if you agree with me or you want to add more to my list.



  • Straight line fringe

This type of fringe might not suit everyone, but it is a way you can try to allow your face look smaller and younger. I had it for years and can’t get enough of it.



  • Layer a white shirt + Cami dress 

Cami dress usually make a woman look sexy, however, by wearing a white shirt or tee underneath it, the whole look changes. No matter how short the dress is, it is still far from sexy but more young and playful. Of course this is not only way to dress to look younger, check out my school day look here, and my boho look here for alternatives.

Get similar shirt here and here

Natalia Chambray Shift Dress from Tobi, get it here



  • Cross body bag

Wearing the bag crossing the body rather than carrying by hand or on one shoulder will create a younger feeling of the whole look.

Get similar bag here and here



  • Round shape flat boots

Heels are too sophisticated, so as pointy designed shoes, put on a comfy round flat boots instead creates a young horse riding girl image.

Get similar boots here and here



  • A natural face

Putting too much make up on will only add numbers to a girl’s age, it might help a 17-year-old girl look mature enough to get a drink, but after 25, too much make up is not always a good idea. In my opinion, a healthy skin with minimum make up is more ideal than a fully covered professional make up.

Foundation from Marc Jacobs,  get it here

Lip gel from Dior, get it here


Photos are credited to Polina Levina


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love this post! I have such a baby face, i usually try and look older haha xx



Love your denim dress and how you styled it!


Ha! I can relate to this post so much! I wish i stayed along with my blogs years ago instead of starting them and not being consisted with them but hey here we are now 🙂 I’m 28 and people say i look 18 lol
Great post <3



I love this look so much. Can’t believe you’re 31! SO stunning!!



Thank you Molly


Hahaha when I turned 31 I told a few people that I was turning 21 and I was excited that I could drink now and they believed me. Yep it is good to look younger then you are, and like you I got a late start blogging but it it really is never too late.

And LOVE your photos, excellent job with them and the styling.

Allie of


high five. thanks dear


I loved reading your post! And seriously you don’t look a day older than 21!! You have a glowing skin! *touchwood* Have a great weekend! 🙂


Thank you dear, so sweet of you


Great tips, i also avoid wearing makeup , only a tinted sunscreen ,at my age foundation is a negative! Love your fringed denim dress layered over the pretty blouse ! Love your bangs, I am considering that! Great mini bag, too !
Xx, Elle


Thank you lovely.


So true…i Couldn’t agree more about the makeup point. You look beautiful!



Thanks for the positive feedback.


I like this! 🙂


Great chambray dress. I love the raw hem. Having great skin or going really natural with make up on a clear face is my favourite.


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