The Colour of Winter

It is really hard to tell what is my favourite colour from my blogs and photos, I am crazy about monochrome, but I can’t stop trying as many colour as I can, such as this winter look I styled today, with a very brave combination of colours, to make this winter warm, yes, it’s Brisbane, … Continue Reading

Street Style – Shanghai

Shanghai- a magic city. Last time I really dip myself into Shanghai was back in 2008, it hasn’t had too much changes in the past 9 years. This time, I got to walk through the same streets I walked on before, see the same views I have seen before, take some street style photos that … Continue Reading

My Very First Vlog – Melbourne Trip

Never planned to be a vlogger, however, I was inspired to record my short trip to Melbourne last month, I thought I may put together a super short video just for fun. Melbourne was beautiful, it wasn’t easy to squeeze so many great moments into a one-minute video, there were so many beautiful places and … Continue Reading

Colour of Melbourne

It was a wonderful short trip to Melbourne last week, I felt fresh and recharged. Sometimes it’s good to get away from current environment and step out of my comfort zone. I love the colour of Melbourne.   Shooting OOTD in Melbourne was an amazing experience, the city is busier than Brisbane. A lot more … Continue Reading

Jump into the ‘Blanc’

My eternal favourite color is white, especially for nails. Recently a friend of mine got my nails done, they are all white color, which makes me so happy and inspired to do a white outfit shoot. I know this jumpsuit would go good with a pair of heels, but somehow, I wanted to challenge myself … Continue Reading

Boho Girl

  As much as I love those strong and clear lines of leather jacket and white shirt, after a while, I will miss my feminine look. Today I am a boho girl, it was very encouraging when I see a big smile on my husband’s face as soon as he saw me in this dress. It is … Continue Reading

Style of A Uni Day

How is your Monday like, I had to go to uni, and I only have one month left to finish my second master degree, I can’t wait to share more my styles for uni days. My favourite color is orange, it makes me shine and makes me happy, it is such a positive and healthy … Continue Reading

OOTD – Outfit Of The Day

  The world’s fashion is taking over by OOTD – Outfit Of The Day. It is true that people needs to look decent while going out everyday, thus to majority of population, those fashion items that can satisfy daily look are more important than haute couture. To me, the essence of OOTD is wearing something that I am … Continue Reading

The Beauty of Being a Fashion Blogger

It seems like the latest trend in celebrities is to show their imperfections to the public, some of them have skin issues, health issues and relationship issues. I am surprised about how people are able to accept and tolerate those imperfections of the public figures. As a fashion blogger, I’m not even close to perfect, even … Continue Reading

My Playsuit Day

Playsuit is a great design that makes styling easier than before, in a hot summer, it saves you a lot of time wondering what to wear and what to match.  Simply put on a cute piece, and 90% of the styling is done. But, just because it is only one piece, it gives the entire look of … Continue Reading

Look Over the Knee

  Despite the winter in Brisbane is short, there is no reason not to have a pair of over the knee boots. They are extremely helpful with the imperfection of our legs by making them look longer, slimmer and straight. My legs are not very straight and a bit chubby, but they look better in … Continue Reading

Style as a ‘noun’

“Style is about personality. It is about striking a pose that says something about you and not about the clothes. It is about daring to mix periods, labels and designers when putting together the perfect statement outfit. It is not about buying a complete outfit that someone else chose for you. You can still be … Continue Reading