Look Over the Knee

  Despite the winter in Brisbane is short, there is no reason not to have a pair of over the knee boots. They are extremely helpful with the imperfection of our legs by making them look longer, slimmer and straight. My legs are not very straight and a bit chubby, but they look better in … Continue Reading

Style as a ‘noun’

“Style is about personality. It is about striking a pose that says something about you and not about the clothes. It is about daring to mix periods, labels and designers when putting together the perfect statement outfit. It is not about buying a complete outfit that someone else chose for you. You can still be … Continue Reading

Fruity Island Style

Maré Island is the 2nd largest island of the Loyalty Islands Province of New Caledonia, which is a French territory in the Pacific Ocean. I think if it wasn’t a surprise cruise tour organised by my husband, Maré Island would never be on my vacation plan, and I would never had a chance to discover this spotless place. … Continue Reading

Denim Obsession

How many of you are denim fans? I am not literally a denim lover, but I love my look today. As you all know Brisbane is turning into winter at the moment, a pair of jeans are the best choice for everyday look now. As much as I am not willing to let summer go, … Continue Reading

About Blogger

More than once I asked myself, should I start my own blog? I guess, the biggest fear is not being successful in terms of awareness and profit while so many capable fashion bloggers are our there. Then, I ask myself again, what do I have to lose? Almost nothing in terms of financial investment. Also, … Continue Reading

Little Artist

I love art, especially contemporary art, sometimes I paint, sometimes I color, most of the time I go to the galleries. There is a designer and art market during the first week of each month, coming to the market allows me to get fresh ideas and appreciates amazing artworks of local artists and designers. Today I dressed … Continue Reading

Leopard Print on Fleek

Those people who know me also know that I’m a leopard print freak, I have literally countless leopard print items, I feel like sharing some of them to you today. My laptop cover, my mugs, my bags, my shoes, my home wear, I not only love traditional brown color leopard, I’m also obsessed with leopard … Continue Reading

Black Out Monday

      I do always feel a little bit grumpy when Monday comes, especially it comes after the most relaxing day Sunday, this huge contrast can cause me headache. However, I have to start working, and say goodbye to my husband in the morning. Usually I like to wear dark color on Monday, a bit … Continue Reading

Five-Minute Styling Life

    If I’m not going to a special event, my daily styling takes me only 5 minutes. I know sometimes you might stand in front of your overcrowded closet and wondering why there is nothing you can wear, trust me, it happens to everyone. However, if you practice hard and enough on your personal … Continue Reading

Hello! Winter

I think winter in Brisbane provides a great platform for fashion styling lovers, the weather is not too hot or too cold. My biggest love of this season is the orange colour off shoulder knit dress. The sunshine is warm enough so I can show my shoulders and legs, and when the cold braze passing by, … Continue Reading