Those people who know me also know that I’m a leopard print freak, I have literally countless leopard print items, I feel like sharing some of them to you today. My laptop cover, my mugs, my bags, my shoes, my home wear, I not only love traditional brown color leopard, I’m also obsessed with leopard in other colors, for example black & white leopard, and pink leopard, my iPad, sports bra, and my lingeries. You might discover “leopards” in any corner of my place, it is difficult to collect all of them at once. Even right now I’m writing this blog and I just realized I have three pair of leopard sunglasses that I completely forgot about when I did the photos, LOL.


Photo 4-06-2016, 9 28 01 AMPhoto 4-06-2016, 9 25 54 AMPhoto 4-06-2016, 9 30 30 AM


Some people told me that not everybody can rock leopard print style, I don’t agree. For me, I like to match with dark color items, especially black, and better with some makeup on, such as bright or dark red lip color.

Now I’m going to share some photos of me wearing leopard print high heels and zebra print coat while I was pregnant for 8 months, I was wearing a black one shoulder body dress underneath for a night out.  YES! Pregnant woman can rock leopard print too.

Joy  xx



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I do always feel a little bit grumpy when Monday comes, especially it comes after the most relaxing day Sunday, this huge contrast can cause me headache. However, I have to start working, and say goodbye to my husband in the morning. Usually I like to wear dark color on Monday, a bit serious, a bit sophisticated, a bit indifferent, and it pretty much fits every role I’m playing in my careers.


I am happy that I found this blue roll-necked sweater, it is incredibly soft and flexible, the little open detail at the end of the sleeves is my favorite part of the design, it is super comfy to wear for work and casual during winter time. Black leather jacket is the forever star in my wardrobe, the one I picked today is a short and tight design, and it gives a nice curve of the upper body shape. Black leather boots might be too early to wear in Brisbane, but you will thank them after sunset, besides, they make the skinny jeans look even skinnier. To complete this look, I match with a black canvas bucket bag with silver circle details, plus some black and silver rings, I love big rings 😛


What’s your Monday look?


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Sweater with a roll neck from ZARA

Black skinny jeans from ZARA

Black leather jacket from KOOKAI

Black leather boots from Wittner

Black bucket bag from Sportsgirl


Photo 18-05-2016, 2 17 38 PM


If I’m not going to a special event, my daily styling takes me only 5 minutes. I know sometimes you might stand in front of your overcrowded closet and wondering why there is nothing you can wear, trust me, it happens to everyone.

However, if you practice hard and enough on your personal styling, you will be able to use your items more effective and speed up the styling process and step out of the house on time.

One of my simplest style formulas is “WHITE TOP + BLUE JEANS + WHITE SHOES = CASUAL STYLE”

Today I chose this white California Burnout Tee, love the soft and super light material; the open back design is the highlight, which allows a little exposure of my back, a black bra with unique back design adds some degree of contrast and reflects multi layers from the back of the look.

I love distressed jeans, they help cover the flaws of my shape, more importantly they are fun to wear, and I can never get tired of them.

Any white sneakers can go with this look; I picked Liam Sneaker because I am obsessed with the golden heel detail and the soft cushioning comfort.

I probably decided on this overall look in 2 minutes, and the nest 3 munities I spent on selecting my accessories. A white frame sunglasses was picked to brighten my entire look, a rectangle animal print bag brings a little lavish to the style. Bags can definitely play a significant part in the look; you can go with a bright color mini shoulder bag, or a black leather tote.

Time’s up, ready to go. Don’t hesitate to go grab a coffee or brunch down the road just because you have no idea how long it’s going to take to get your style up. You only need 5 minutes.



Photo 18-05-2016, 2 18 45 PM

Photo 18-05-2016, 2 19 37 PM

Photo 18-05-2016, 2 20 58 PM

Photo 18-05-2016, 2 24 16 PM



California Burnout Tee from Forever 21

Distressed Jeans from ZARA

Liam Sneaker from Witchery

Photo 12-05-2016, 1 52 41 PM

I think winter in Brisbane provides a great platform for fashion styling lovers, the weather is not too hot or too cold. My biggest love of this season is the orange colour off shoulder knit dress. The sunshine is warm enough so I can show my shoulders and legs, and when the cold braze passing by, the long sleeves and the warm knit material keeps me warm.

I love orange colour since I was a child, it is bright like sunshine, warm like flame, and more importantly, it is stunning. Every time I dress orange, I attracted the most attention.

A pair of white sneakers is the ‘must have’ this year, it goes good with my dress during the day time.

Espresso martini, one of my favourite cocktails, made with coffee liqueur and Vodka, it is neither coffee nor martini, but it has the scent of both. Spanish seafood stew is my top pick for this winter, the juicy flavour of the fresh seafood nourishes my taste bud, and the warm soup stays in my tummy for a long time. I am enjoying the sunny winter with my family.



Photo 12-05-2016, 1 55 02 PM

Photo 7-05-2016, 1 52 45 PM

Photo 15-05-2016, 7 00 41 PM


Off shoulder ribbed knitted dress  from Missguided

Liam sneaker  from Witchery