My Eternal Symphony was brought alive in may 2016. It’s a personal style blog based in Brisbane, Australia.

I personally believe that style is the eternal fashion, fashion is the symphony of color, texture, design and presentation.

About me:

Chinese native currently living in Australia

Holding Bachelor of Tourism management, Master of Marketing, Master of Information Systems and Information Technology Management

Worked for Luxury Hotel, Luxury Tour Operator, Art Gallery, Manufacture and Wholesale Exporter, Online Retailer……

At the moment, I am a guest blogger for Fashion Hub Queensland, an art agent, and a marketer. I am also a coffee addict, a travel lover, a fashion colic, a wife and a mom. However there is never enough words to define who I am, my life is a journey of defining who I am.

The blog is a record of my styling ideas, a reflection of my thought about fashion and lifestyle at a certain point, and a collection of my cherished moments.

Business and project collaborations are welcomed.

I sincerely appreciate your support.