My Eternal Symphony was brought alive in may 2016. It’s a personal style blog based in Brisbane, Australia.

I personally believe that style is the eternal fashion, fashion is the symphony of color, texture, design and presentation.


The vision of my blog is to present unlimited personal styles in reflection of fashion trends and offering secret styling formulas created by me with my existing wardrobe collections.

Who should read my blog:

People who can not afford to purchase the latest designer collections but still want to be able to look stylish and make their wardrobe as sustainable as possible;

Brands that love to collaborate with genuine influencers to help improve their image;

Or everyone who loves life and beautiful things.


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About me:

Since the moment I became a mom, I realised that there is never ‘too late’ for something, so I finally turned my passion of fashion into this blog.

Seeing people around me have been influenced by my ideas and creativity makes me wishing to share more to the wider world.


I sincerely appreciate your support.