As much as I love those strong and clear lines of leather jacket and white shirt, after a while, I will miss my feminine look. Today I am a boho girl, it was very encouraging when I see a big smile on my husband’s face as soon as he saw me in this dress. It is undeniable that a soft purple-pink off-shoulder dress gets more likes from the opposite gender. This makes me think that maybe the gender blurry trend of fashion is merely adored by women who look at women as men, thus women that obsessed with boyfriend style because they are attracted by male naturally. In the contrary, when women see another women in a more feminine look, they were less impressed.

Wasn’t a big fun of dresses when I was in high school, now I have decide to buy more dresses than shorts. I love this one piece look, it is really comfortable and easy to wear. However, those sandals are not that easy to put on, but it’s worth the time. I think they are just so cute as a lot of people are wearing similar ones, I could not help to get myself a pair. Normally, I am not a typical boho person, but dressing towards boho style makes me feel young and girly. There is unlimited way to be boho chic and the culture is just so powerful and inspiring in terms of color, pattern, and shape.







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